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On Feb. 18, a man was reportedly driving a motorcy▓cle while dragging a dog

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ast China's Fujian Province. "We will also propose to China's law-makers to include 'animal abuse' as an offence and stipulate▓ penalties," said Chang. The proposal suggests fining and detaining those who

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eat dog or cat meat illegally. A recent poll on Sina. com, a popular portal in China, shows that a▓mong the 140,007 respondents, 51.5 percent supported the▓ suggestion, but 45.6 percent doubted it could be effectively implemented and three percent were undecided. The experts also proposed to ban pets owners from aband▓oning their pets irresponsibly and stopping cruelty to ▓animals used in scientific experiments. Draft of the proposal

began in October 2008, pooling wisdom of scholars from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Renmin Univer▓sity of China, and Griffith University of Australia, among ▓others. The Siberian tiger, an engendered species, is a subspecies of tiger which once ranged throughout western, central Asia and eastern Russia. It is estimated that th▓e number of wild Siberian tigers is now between 350 and 450 worldwide. China has around 20 wild Siberian tigers, among which 10 to 14 are in northeast China's▓ Heilongjiang Province and eight to 10 are in its neighboring Jilin Province. China established a breedin▓g base for the Sib

are suffering f▓rom hunger or illness in cash-s trapped zoos, zoo ma▓ nagers mus t turn to the an imal prote ction body in Ch▓ ina, for help. If necessary, the autho rities sho uld take over the zoo. "If s uch a law were in place, the recent tiger tragedy ma y have bee n avoided," said C hang. Not just the eng 弋阳县wap 兴隆县wap 宿州市5G 怀化市5G 九寨沟县wap 郴州市5G 香港5G 咸丰县5G 杞县wap 霸州市wap 乐至县wap 潼南县5G 兴化市wap 黄浦区wap 陆河县wap 缙云县wap 开化县wap 临城县wap 黑龙江5G 内丘县wap 新开单职业超变传奇私服网站大全 玩传奇私服赚钱 传奇私服gm口令 传奇私服收费外挂网 传奇私服单职业发布网站 传奇私服漏洞论坛 传奇私服1.70复古版 传奇私服gm设置 传奇私服完整版客户端 怎么找新开的传奇私服